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Introducing new ways to improve healthy eating behavior among freshman student

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Several studies revealed statistically significant weight gain among many freshmen —often called the “freshman 15” for the 15 pounds they are assumed to gain after transitioning from home to college. Although many students showed good eating habits and adequate knowledge only %6.4 of college students have high-quality eating habits. The rest may face health issues

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So, The Iowa state university dining service took all responsibility for fulfilling the freshman students’ dietary needs. Even they have offered extensive healthy food options along, data shows the students do not consume as they really have to, and ISU dining is forced to throw away lots of food. They also want to retain and expand their enrollment.  Also, they want to know do they really eat healthily? And if not what are the barriers there?


Now the ISU Dining is looking for innovative solutions to improve their system to encourage students to eat healthily -  improve signing up rate for meal plan-  and find the solution for their food waste.


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