Emergency Room Intake

Hospital emergency departments are high pressure and often chaotic environments. Doctors and nurses must assess each patient as quickly as possible and determine courses of action or treatment.

Medi is a clear set of clinical actions and patient instructions to treat each patient effectively. The actions and instructions are used by the doctor or nurse themselves or utilized by other medical professionals to continue the treatment of the patient.
Medi even can help nurses to check-in patients easy, accurate and organized by making every process online in a hosted platform.


Research Landscape

User Research

In the user research phase, I started to create the Ax4 Frameworks to analysis who are the key actors, what activities occur in the environment, and what are the artifacts engaging in this process. I listed all of these factors to get a clear understanding of the topic in the very first stage.

Journey Map

Patient Journey Map

Experience Map

Within a day in an ER room, doctors and nurses reported limited opportunities to remember the detail and facts when they assess patients. Additionally, themes of the most straightforward way to find out the current medication in use appeared. doctors and nurses often expressed the lack of consultancy with their peers.

Nurses and Doctors Experience Map

Product Opportunities Gap (POG)

 HOW MIGHT WE design the system to help our user to have a clear mind about what are the tasks they should do?
• HOW MIGHT WE design the product/service to help the user remember the details information in an organized way?
• HOW MIGHT WE design the product/service to help our user to follow up with other doctors to consult about the symptoms?


Primary Persona: Doctors, Nurses

Secondary Persona: Patients

Business Research

I did some research to find out some applications which might help Doctors or Nurses in Emergency rooms. I realized that, currently, there are no applications to notify them about oncoming urgent patients, and also they do not have access to patient history in a short time. Also, there is no application out there that focus on tracking the patients' status after discharge.

After getting done the user and business research, I got a clear understanding of the product opportunity gaps (POG) and found out where the best area is that I should focus on.

In the end, I created a substantial Research Question to continue my design process!

“HOW MIGHT WE create a product/system that will help doctors and Nurses to outline a clear set of clinical actions and treatment in an appropriate amount of time?”

Conceptual Framework

Design Criteria

Organized platform


Increasing patients satisfaction

Accurate and Quick

Robust database

Decreasing the risk of human errors



Doctor's Dashboard

Infographics: receiving information in a glance

Short and bold information:

(Incoming patients, Current patients, clinic traffic, available rooms, available nurses)



My recent patients

Quick access to recent consultants

Patient's Dashboard

Click to have more information


Search by any keyword
(Hospitals, Diseases, Names,...)

Find more about the Doctors:
Medical Practice, Specialisations, Feedback, available time

Send voice messages and pictures to clear the topic


According to the Design Criteria and Design Goal, The Med application has some useful features that can make it work for the doctors and nurses to discover the background history of the patient in a glimpse (Accurate and Quick). One of the essential features that the Med has is Reach out to other doctors and specialist to consult about the specific issue
(Robust Database). Another positive feature is that Doctors and Nurses have access to the application, and based on their task, the information they need to know about their patients will be changed. (organized platform).

I should notice that I decided to choose the iPad Pro platform because of the ease of use for my user ( doctors and nurses) in the ER context. Based on my time limitation, I decided not to focus on other criteria. But here are some of my suggestions for the future

Medi has the web version for the check-in process for triage nurses who want to know about the private information
about their patients which feed by hospital databased, and it will import to the application.